Nouncy 2.0

We made it even easier to create a buzz on social media.

What's new in Nouncy 2.0?

It's like Buffer meets Thunderclap: create an online buzz by asking people to post on social media for you.

Full control over timing

Let anyone write social media posts for you. You decide when to post the messages to their timelines. One by one, in groups or all at once.

Advanced metrics

See a history of everyone who ever posted to their social networks for you, how many connections they have and how much traffic they gave you.

Posting to LinkedIn

In addition to tweets and Facebook posts, you can now ask people to post to LinkedIn for you. Think about the opportunities in recruitment and acquisition.

Start your first campaign

Nouncy is free. No credit card required.

How Nouncy works

Collect social media posts from people in and around your organization and decide when to post them to their timelines.

Set up your first campaign in just a few minutes

The first step is deciding what URL you want to promote. For example your website, a blogpost, your event page or a link to the iTunes store. On your campaign page you can tell people why you need their help. Anyone who has the link to your campaign can contribute Tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn post for you to send at a later point in time.

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Collect social media posts from friends, fans, customers, employees and followers

Your campaign page publicly shows all the messages that are contributed by your supporters. You can invite people to contribute posts by sharing the link. You can use Whatsapp, Facebook messenger or email to share your campaign, but you can also promote it on your website, blog, newsletter or on your social networks.

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You decide when to post the messages to the timelines of your supporters

As the owner of the campaign you can manage and preview all the messages that people contributed in your campaign. You can decide to publish them one by one, in groups or all at once.

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See your network of supporters grow on your analytics dashboard

Your analytics dashboard keeps tracks of everyone who has supported your campaigns. It shows their social reach and all the traffic they generated for you with their posts.

Download a step by step manual to set up your first campaign ›

"Nouncy helps us harness the power of our most influential supporters and facilitate finding new brand ambassadors with a simple call to action. Better yet, the ability to decide when to publish all messages has been crucial to create a measurable resonance for our message."

Cristiano TroffeiCEO @ Quadro


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